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Utah Automobile Insurance Plan

Utah Automobile Insurance Plan

All drivers in Utah - country "Beehive" - must carry car insurance coverage in order to be able to legally drive. Some drivers may find it challenging to get car insurance coverage in the "voluntary" market in Utah if your driving record includes too many accidents or traffic tickets. If your driving record places you in a high-risk category, you can switch to the Utah Automobile Insurance Plan for coverage. This plan is designed to ensure auto insurance coverage for Utah's high-risk controllers, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria outlined below. In Utah, drivers are required to carry a minimum of liability insurance within 25/65/15 split limits and insurance without fault of $ 3,000 per person.

What is a Utah Automobile Insurance Plan (UT AIP)?

The Utah Plan was created in 1949 to ascertain the largest number of Utah drivers, and to spread insurance losses that typically arise from groups of drivers who can not obtain coverage in the voluntary market at UT insurers. To sell a car insurance policy in the state of Utah, car insurance companies must agree to include high-risk drivers assigned. The term "voluntary" is the jargon of the insurance industry to describe the "regular" insurance market in which the insurer voluntarily assesses and ensures the driver. Alternatively, UT AIP serves as a "residue" car insurance market in Utah, where motorists have little choice in shopping options and insurance companies have little choice in choosing risk.

Although Utah motorists will apply for car insurance coverage through ISIP UT, AIP Utah does not offer its own insurance policy but provides "eligible risk" to car insurance companies that have done business in the state. This means that you WILL be covered, but you will not choose which companies cover you. Drivers are assigned based on the company's stock market. So for example, if Progressive has a 15% auto insurance market in Utah, it will be given 15% of drivers coming through ISIP UT.

Your insurance company assigned in Utah is required to protect you for 3 years, as long as you remain eligible under ISIP UT. We recommend fixing your driving record so far. With the improvement, your insurance company choice is growing and you may find a better car insurance rate in Utah's voluntary market by getting car insurance quotes on the operator's website. If you are still considered a high-risk driver after 3 years, you can reapply to AIP Utah and be considered a "new" applicant. If your driving is fortunately inflated and you have found car insurance at a lower cost, you can notify the assigned insurance company and receive a prorated refund of the premium you have paid.

Utah AIP Eligibility

Before you can enter a specified risk pool, AIP Utah requires you to certify your insurance application so that you have tried to find the car insurance in the voluntary market within the last 60 days. If you have been rejected, then you can apply to Utah AIP as long as you also have the correct driver license and a registered car in Utah. Fill applications accurately and in good faith.

You may not qualify for coverage even through the Utah Plan - if you have:

� Unpaid car insurance bill is still outstanding
� Failed to bring your car for visual inspection by insurance representative
� It represents important facts about yourself, your driving record, or your vehicle in your app

In case of unpaid bills or vehicle inspections, once you have fixed the situation, your AIP Utah application may resume immediately. But if your application is deemed unbelieving, you will not receive coverage and will be forbidden to resign to AIP Utah for a year.

AIP Utah Coverage

High-risk drivers in Utah are offered the same type of car insurance as in the voluntary market. However, you may pay more than the average for that coverage. In addition to Damage and Property Injury Insurance, Utah also requires you to bring Personal Injury Protection, also known as insurance without error. This includes things like medical expenses and lost income due to car accidents, regardless of who is at fault. Talk to an insurance agent about how much car insurance coverage you need to be given your assets and ability to absorb accidents. If you buy a higher coverage rate, the price will be more expensive but may be very valuable.

AIP Utah also offers several types of optional and different coverage. If you choose to purchase Physical Damage (Collision and/or Comprehensive) coverage, you must choose a deductible - the amount you pay before the insurance coverage begins - from $ 100, $ 200, or $ 250. Note that your assigned insurance company does not have to cover your car if the item is antique (older than $ 25) or if the true value of the cash is over $ 25,000.

Utah also offers insurance if the Driver is uninsured and underinsured. You are free to accept or reject UM / UIM, as long as you do it in writing. Utah is unusual as it does not allow assigned drivers to purchase higher optional coverage limits.

AIP Utah Premise and Payment Plan

According to the Utah Department of Insurance, safer drivers usually pay less for car insurance. On the other hand, high-risk drivers are often associated with higher likelihood of accidents and claims, which means insurance companies tend to charge more for the same coverage. Utah insurance companies use their own criteria to assess drivers, no hard and fast rules for how much more you can pay. However, if you understand the key factors considered by most auto insurance companies in setting interest rates, you can take appropriate action from time to time to get lower insurance premiums.

When insured through AIP Utah, you have several ways to pay your insurance premium. The first is to pay 40% of all annual premiums when you submit your application, which will be your deposit and a 60% balance within 30 days of receiving your policy. The second way is to pay the mortgage. In this case, you still have to pay 40% as a deposit up front when you register through ISIP UT, but you will pay the remaining 60% in 5 equal monthly installments. There is an additional $ 4 charge taken for installment payment.

Be sure to pay on time in Utah. If you missed an installment payment, your insurance company will send you a notice of cancellation instead of a bill at a later time. And getting your car insurance restored through AIP Utah is a hassle you can avoid!

How to Apply for Utah Automobile Insurance Plan

You can only get offers from AIP Utah through a licensed insurance agent. Every licensed car insurance agency in Utah is familiar with and can help you sign up to the Utah Automobile Insurance Plan. That includes exclusive and independent Utah agents. For more information about Utah AIP, contact the Utah Department of Insurance at (801)538-3800.

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