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Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Utah

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Utah

Section 303 of the Utah Insurance Code states that all registered motor vehicles in the state shall maintain liability coverage with a minimum limit of 25/65/15. Driving without insurance or simply allowing insurance to be passed is considered a Class C violation, which may be subject to fines and license registration and registration. Reinstating your driving rights can also be very expensive.

There are several ways you will be required to present your car insurance proof in the state of Utah. First, when a security guard approaches you at a routine checkpoint. Two, when you are involved in a traffic accident. Three, when the Uncured Driver Database Identification Program states you to the Department of Public Security (DPS).

When You Are Identified by Database and Caught in Stop Traffic

In Utah, traffic stops are places where a peacekeeper can determine whether you have appropriate accountability or not. When you stop and ask for proof of your insurance, you should be able to produce an active policy or identity card right now and there. Alternatively, Utah also has an electronic monitoring system that can verify whether your insurance policy has expired in the last 3 months. This program uses the cooperation of licensed insurance providers in the state. If your policy appears as inactive in the database, DPS will send you a notification that you must reply with your proof of insurance attachment within 15 days.

In either case, failure to prove your financial responsibility will lead you to a Utah uniform monetary penalty for violation of the insurance law: $ 400 penalty plus an additional $ 50 surcharge for your first offense, and an additional $ 1,000 plus $ 50 fee for the offense second and subsequent (Utah Code 41-12a-302.)

Reduce Your Penalty: Credit Compliance

There is some relief if you are caught driving without insurance. If you successfully bought insurance and asked your insurance company to file an SR-22 before the scheduled court appearance or sentence, the court may reduce your $ 300 penalty for each offense as a compliance credit. In other words, your penalty will drop to $ 100 on your first offense, and $ 700 for your next offense (not $ 400 and $ 1,000 in original money).

The exception to this good reduction is if you are penalized for not carrying acceptable proof of insurance when operating the car. In this case, you must pay a full fine (Utah Code 41-12a-303.2).

On the other hand, if you can prove that you actually have insurance coverage applicable at the time of the quotation, the court will refuse the allegations and penalties for verification.

Uninsured Driving in Accidents

You can face tougher punishment if you have a car accident, and it turns out to be driving uninsured. You are subject to the same monetary penalty for violating the insurance law: $ 400 penalty plus an additional fee of $ 50 for your first offense, and an additional charge of $ 1,000 plus $ 50 for the second and subsequent offenses. You may even suffer an increased penalty if the court finds out that you are guilty of a car accident. For one, you may have to pay an extra $ 30 crash fee. Your license and registration will be suspended too, but this time for a full year before you begin your driver's refund process.

Cost and Reinstatement Requirements

To return your license, you should be able to apply for a newly purchased insurance policy or evidence of your SR-22 financial responsibility to court. Remember that you should be diligent about keeping the SR-22 for 3 years from the day of delivery, as you will be on probation for a certain period of time. As soon as you pay a fines penalty and a $ 30 recovery fee, you can drive on the streets of Utah again.

As for your registration, you may have been reinstated by returning to court with evidence stating your vehicle ownership is true on your ticket. Along with this, you must show the correct identity with your photos. An insurance proof in the form of a policy or 3 years valid of SR-22 must also be brought to court. Your violation fine and your $ 100 recovery fee will, as well, be paid. If your registration has been revoked as part of your penalty, you must pay an additional $ 30 administration fee to be recovered after the foreclosure after registration.
The above applies to all situations. The only difference when you are caught driving uninsured in an accident is you have to wait for your mandatory suspension period to expire before you can start the recovery process.

Apply back for Auto Insurance in Utah

At the end of the day, penalties that come with uninsured driving can be more expensive than buying car insurance in the first place. For example, the insurance legal belief tags you as a high-risk driver. This means if you plan to get a current Utah auto insurance policy, you will be rejected by the main agency or incur additional charges because it is too risky to close. Another alternative is to file a policy with the Utah Automobile Insurance Plan (UT AIP) through a Utah auto insurance agent.

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