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How to City in Utah Based on Car Insurance Costs

How to City in Utah Based on Car Insurance Costs

Utah was named the "Best Country to Live" so it is not surprising that the State of Beehive has relatively cheap car insurance across the state compared to other states. Nevertheless, some areas are cheaper than others, and in this study, we explored cities and towns in Utah where the best and worse to buy car insurance. We found statewide average premiums of $ 1,148 per year for our sample driver with the most expensive Kearns for $ 1,244 per year and the cheapest is St. George for $ 1,029 per year.

Least expensive

With the exception of one city, the least expensive location comes from the state borders to the north, east and south - away from Salt Lake City. They range from small towns of less than 10,000 to small towns over 75,000. They are between 10% and 3% cheaper than the country average.

  • Saint George

Saint George, which is the fastest growing city in the country, is the cheapest place in our Utah data. The natural wonders of the city make it a popular place to be seen. Our driver from the largest populated area of Utah outside Salt Lake City cites an annual premium of $ 1,029.

  • Logan

At almost the far end of the state is Logan, the second most expensive spot in our study. The population is slightly over 48,000, many form part of the Utah State University community. Our sample driver is quoted $ 1,078 per year, about 6% cheaper than the country average.

  • Kanab

The small town of Kanab takes third place in our Utah analysis. The city of about 4,000 is located on the border of Arizona close to St. George. Our sample driver from 'Little Hollywood', nicknamed for his history as a favorite filming location for Old Western movies, was quoted $ 1,090 per year.

  • Moab

Moab comes from the eastern border of the state and is the fourth cheapest place in Utah. This small 5,000-acre town is widely known for its outdoor recreation due to its extensive hiking trails and terrain. The driver we recorded cited $ 1,099 per year, about 4% less than the country average.

  • Kaysville

While other inexpensive towns are far from Salt Lake City, Kaysville is the exception, entering it as our fifth cheapest city. Just twenty miles from downtown Salt Lake City, once a farming community is now driven by industry in management, business, and finance. Our sample driver from the 28,000 cities is quoted $ 1,109 per year.

Most expensive

The most expensive city on our list all comes from Salt Lake City County, where 85% of the country's population lives. Starting from downtown Salt Lake City, you can drive to all cities in less than 90 minutes. They range from 5% to 8% more expensive than the country average.

  • Kearns

Kearns is the most expensive place for car insurance in Utah. About 30 miles outside of Salt Lake City, the city used to be a training facility known as Kearns Army Air Base. As soon as WW2 ends, homes, and businesses grow to create a city of 35,000 as it is known today. Our sample driver is quoted $ 1,244 per year.

  • West Jordan

West Jordan, one of the fastest growing cities in Utah, is the second most expensive location in our Utah sample. One of the largest cities in Utah, West Jordan is home to over 108,000 people. Our sample driver is quoted $ 1,211.94 per year.

  • Riverton

Riverton, another suburb of Salt Lake City, was the third most expensive city in our study. In recent years, the city of 40,000 has changed from a rural farm town to a suburban city. Businesses, housing, and roads have replaced many agricultural and livestock areas. Our driver was quoted $ 1,211.74, making it cheaper than West Jordan.

  • Salt Lake City

The capital of Utah itself is the fourth most expensive place for insurance. By far the most populous city in the state, more than 190,000 people claim a house in Salt Lake. Our driver was quoted $ 1,206 per year for the policy.

  • Sandy

Sandy is the sixth largest city in Utah and the fifth most expensive in our research. Once a rural mining town, Sandy dramatically changed direction as pocket communities emerged to provide services traditionally offered by a city. Our driver was quoted $ 1,204 per year.

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