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Competitive Utah Auto Insurance

Competitive Utah Auto Insurance

Here we will help you save money on your car insurance with big discounts. Take a look at the discounts in Utah.

Accident-free discount

Once your car (or replaced) has been with State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company for at least three years without any accidents that may be charged during this period, you will receive a discount. 

Defensive Driving Course Discount

A driving course that meets the guidelines specified in the Utah Code. You are entitled to a discount for this car insurance in Utah if you meet all of the following criteria:

� Is the prime mover of the vehicle,
� At least 55 years old, and
� Have completed the course voluntarily in the last 3 years.
� The certificate that must be presented to State Farm indicates that the course has been successfully completed.

Drive Safe & Save Program

This auto insurance discount is available to customers who agree to share certain driving information and meet eligibility requirements. Customers will receive an initial discount of about 5% when they sign up. The ongoing discount will be based on the actual use of your vehicle. The less your vehicle is driven, and in some cases, the more secure your vehicle is driven, the more you can save.

Good Driving Discounts

You may be eligible to receive this car insurance discount if each driver in the household does not have a moving violation and there are no errors in an accident over the past three years. The personal passenger vehicle receiving the discount must also be insured to State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.

NOTE: All driving histories will be verified at the time the application is filed for car insurance. This discount may be replaced with the Accident-Free Discount after you become a State Farm customer for three years.

Good Student Discount

All drivers assigned to 25 persons who are full-time students in secondary school or at college or university, and scholastic records for the previous school semester indicate that this student meets at least one of the following:

� Ranking scholastically in the top 20% of its class
� Has an average value of B or higher
� Has an average rating of 3.0 (of 4.0) or higher
� Make a list of Dean or Honor Roll

Drivers who have earned an Associate degree or equivalent and have a qualifying scholastic record that meets any of the above requirements may be considered. Drivers who have earned a Bachelor's degree with or without a scholastic qualification note may be considered as well.

Home-studying students may qualify if they present evidence that they have followed certain national standardized tests, administered in the last 12 months and are ranked at the top 20%. Proof of eligibility is required when the insurance application is submitted.

Some Discount Cars

You may be eligible for this car insurance discount if it meets all of the following criteria:

� There are two or more private passenger cars that are mainly driven by people who are at that address.
� Vehicle insured with State Farm.
� Vehicle owners are in the same house and A) related to marriage, blood, or adoption, or B) to two unrelated owners, they must jointly own the vehicle and both are designated as insured in respect of the policy.

Multiple discounts

You may be eligible for this rebate if you are named insured for Farm Farm, Renter, Life, or Eligible Health policy.

Resignation Discount

1993 and previously vehicles equipped with factory-installed airbags or other passive restraints that meet federal safety standards will receive a car insurance discount.

Discount Driver Safe Steer Clear

To initially qualify for this discount, the following requirements must be met by all assigned drivers under the age of 25:

Have no errors in errors or violations that move within a period of three years before the discount time is applied (NOTE: In some countries, some accidents and violations may not disqualify you), and has successfully completed the State Farm Steer Clear program, which needs to be managed by Farm State agents. 

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