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Best Car Insurance Rates in Utah

Best Car Insurance Rates in Utah

Depending on where the driver lives in Utah, the cost of car insurance averages $ 1,245 per year according to our research. The biggest factor affecting car insurance bidding in Utah is the insurance company they choose. Excerpts from the most expensive carriers cost 68% or $ 1,414 more expensive than the cheapest companies in Utah. Our report below summarizes where we found the lowest rates for car insurance in Utah by the state and each of the 32 cities, including Salt Lake City, Provo, and West Jordan, etc.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Utah

We found the three cheapest rates for car insurance in Utah at Bear River Mutual, GEICO, and Farm Bureau Mutual. The Progressive and American families complete the five most affordable operators here. The average cost to ensure the Toyota Camry in the three cheapest companies is $ 804 - 35% below the country average. We recommend including one of these companies and compare at least three excerpts when you're looking for cheap car insurance in Utah.

  • Bear River Mutual
We found the cheapest rates for car insurance in Utah in Bear River - about 47% lower than the country mean for our 30-year-old male driver. Bear River Mutual is a local insurance company that operates as a joint company, where its customers are also its owners. Any traditional profit should be redeemed to the policyholder through a lower rate. The company operates through an independent agency, with about six agencies in Salt Lake City, two in West Valley City, six in Provo, and several others scattered in the State of Beehive.

GEICO generally belongs to one of the most affordable insurance companies in our national research. In Utah, our single male rider saw an average rate of about 36% cheaper than quoted by ordinary insurance companies - which earned about $ 454 of car insurance expenses a year. While they are mostly online companies that handle most of their business and quotes through their website, they have one agent stationed in Salt Lake City for consumers who prefer direct interaction.

  • Farm Bureau
Farm Bureau Mutual is the third cheapest car insurance company in Utah. Tariffs for basic policy averaged at only $ 950 per year for our driver's example, which has excellent driving and good credit records. One thing to note about the Livestock Bureau is that they require membership in order to qualify for their insurance product, and the fee is $ 65 a year. While a $ 65 membership fee makes the average annual rate higher than the Allies, there are some accompanying advantages, such as discounts for car rentals and AAA membership.

Minimum Insurance Requirements in Utah

The price we quoted above reflects the driver who gets the full coverage insurance. For a cheaper price, the driver can choose from the following minimum countries:

� $ 25,000 per person / $ 65,000 per accident for liability of bodily injury
� $ 15,000 of property damage dues per incident
� Personal protection of $ 3,000 (PIP) per person

  • Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City ranks third as the most expensive city with an average interest rate of 6% higher than the country average. The average premium here for our sample driver is $ 1,314. The most populous capital and the city of Utah, SLC was founded by Brigham Young and other Mormons in 1847 and is the headquarters of the Church of the Latter-day Saints. The happiest snowflakes fall in Utah because the advertisement for the city has been proclaimed, and passionate skiers no doubt have visited the streets of Park City and Canyons Resort, or Snowbird and Alta. CNN calls Salt Lake City "the city with the lowest pressure in the US" because of low employment and living costs - perhaps with the exception of car insurance.

For the best car insurance rates in Salt Lake City, we would recommend getting offers from Bear River, GEICO, and Farm Bureau. The cost of insuring a Toyota Camry in these three companies is the lowest for the sample drivers we get for a certain price. The average tariff is $ 792, and the price is $ 523 cheaper than the general insurance company in SLC. The Progressive and American families help to complete the five best rates here. In total, the five companies cited an average annual premium of $ 942 for our sample profile, which yields 28% lower than the SLC average.

  • Provo, UT

To get the cheapest car insurance deals in Provo, we recommend starting from Bear River Mutual, GEICO, and Farm Bureau. From our data, the prices of these three carriers are approximate $ 801 or 36% cheaper for our driver's vehicle compared to other insurance companies here. Bear River and Farm Bureau are great for Utah people who prefer to have a single point of contact for their insurance needs, and GEICO will be great for people looking for simple and fast online quotes. The city of Provo is home to about 119,000 Utahns, including pop culture figures such as actress Julianne Hough, the Osmond family, and Imagine Dragons. It is also the site of Brigham Young University, one of the largest private universities in the US with approximately 35,000 students.

  • West Jordan, UT

Also located in Salt Lake County, West Jordan ranks second as the second most expensive city for car insurance in the state. The city was founded in 1850 when the first sawmill was built in the area. Its population has grown exponentially since the 1970s, and currently, includes students at Salt Lake Community College and Broadview University. Our sample driver sees an average price of $ 1,316 per year to ensure their vehicle. Although the tariff here is 6% higher than the mean state, drivers can still save on their costs. We found five of the most affordable car insurance rates in West Jordan at Bear River, GEICO, Farm Bureau Mutual, Progressive, and American Family. Compared to a 10-company composite of $ 1,245, these five insurance companies cost about $ 976. That's a 22% savings for our benchmark drivers - equal to $ 269 in their wallets.

  • Orem, UT

Who has the lowest car insurance rates in Orem? We compared the rate among the 10 underwriting operators in Orem, and the difference occurred in Bear River, GEICO, and Farm Bureau. Prices range from $ 660 to $ 936 for our typical sole male driver in Orem for the three most affordable companies. Your rates will differ significantly because our drivers have excellent stain free rates in the last five years and a good credit history. However, we recommend all three of these, along with the Progressive Family and America as a starting point when you think about where to get quotes from cheap car insurance. About 40 miles away from Salt Lake City, Orem's population is 88,000. The place is located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, and near the shores of Lake Utah.

  • Sandy, UT

Are you looking for cheap car insurance at Sandy?,This is it, we direct your attention to Bear River, GEICO, Farm Bureau, Progressive, and American Family Insurance Company. With an average annual rate of $ 960 for our single male driver, these five companies are $ 343 or 22% cheaper than regular carriers operating in Sandy. With the Little Cottonwood Canyon so close, hiking trails like the Bell Canyon and Cecret Lake routes are just hop, skip, and jump to Sandy. The 87,000 people who live here have a huge amount of nature and green open space to relax, from Dimple Dell Regional Nature Park to Flat Iron Mesa Park.

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